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Welcome to the Authmaker Guides! Start here if you're new to Authmaker and want to learn more.

What is Authmaker?

Authmaker is a platform that helps you to build authenticated backend applications that work seamlessly with Ember. We are working on extending our explanation of what Authmaker is but for now you can follow Chris and Julia go into more detail on Episode 1 of the Authmaker podcast

The guides

These guides are meant to be a practical introduction to the core concepts of Authmaker. We will cover the Authmaker workflow step by step, from initial development to deployment. Each section builds on the previous, so newcomers should start here and work their way down the table of contents.

We are in beta mode so we are only enabling a very small number of people who have an app that they would like to build. If you have a "Single Feature App" that you would like to build you can apply to be an Authmaker Pioneer now!

Otherwise, if you are already an Authmaker Pioneer, Let's get started!.