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Authmaker provides simple tools for building full-stack applications with secure authentication and payment processing - all designed to work with Ember straight out of the box.

Using Authmaker

New to backend development? No problem! Authmaker was designed to be an inclusive platform. While basic familiarity with Javascript and Ember is recommended, our mission is to make full-stack development straightforward, painless, and productive.

Consider yourself a backend whiz? Authmaker lets you develop your APIs faster, without sacrificing customisation. Focus on building your app's unique functionality and features, not boilerplate config and security standards.

We believe that you shouldn't need to be a security expert in order to build secure web apps. Authmaker lets you focus on your application, not authentication. Authmaker's opinionated curriculum provides you with a full-stack solution that works - no messy configuration, no treacherous learning curve.

The Authmaker curriculum

Authmaker was designed as part of a full-stack curriculum meant to help you build and deploy apps faster.